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Top hidden delays in manufacturing production

Updated: May 18, 2021

Have you thought about each level’s requirements?

  • Project sponsor

  • Process engineer

  • Manufacturer

  • Material & process vendors

Heat treating

Confirm parts are durable enough; they should not crack under constant banging.


Produces longer lasting pieces with more durability, allowing for connectivity and more attractive finishes.

Component purchases

Customizing fasteners and casters can add four to six weeks.


Materials sent to multiple locations and sent farther – especially internationally – can add time.

Powder vs. painting

Painting on-site only takes days. Powder coating is heat-treated and necessitates packing up parts, transporting, and then returning.

Availability of metals

If there are rushes in the market, getting the metals can become cost prohibitive.

Outsourcing additional process from factory to vendors

Is your project on their radar? Make sure you build in adequate turnaround time.



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