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Functional Material Handling

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

We have Mark Gibson, Operations Manager and AWS Certified Weld Inspector here. Today at Valence, we're going to show you another product that we've been manufacturing. At our Lexington facility, we prototyped some racks five years ago. And we're manufacturing the next generation of it across Lexington, Kentucky and Sidney, Ohio. It is for car parts to go into it with easy transportation. It is a rack for car part assemblies and they don't want it moving in there since there is glass. Take the lid and you pull up the strap and it opens up, fully air shocked. The customer wanted to make it easier for employees to put parts in and out. All you do is shut it by putting the lid down, and it automatically locks. The beauty of it is that it locks in so that when you move the rack from one side of plant to another, employees don't have to worry about the lid popping up and destroying their parts.



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