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Our Story

Our start

Chuck Pisciotta, CEO, started Blue Skies Operating Corp. (Blue Skies) in 2019, by bringing together a group of dreamers (and investors) who believed in the power of the midwestern worker, the pride of homegrown engineering talent and the power of scaling several well-run companies.

Our progress

Blue Skies positions well-run companies for faster growth by focusing in on organizational structure, targeting on key people, creating operational synergies with other businesses in the portfolio using a shared services approach, and using value-added investors. Valence Industrial, a custom fabricator with factories in Sidney, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky – was acquired in 2019. TruRebel was acquired in 2023, with its headquarters in Sidney, Ohio.


Our why

Blue Skies is committed to bringing more jobs to local American communities, with a focus on employing talented innovators and specialists in their craft.

Meet the Team

Rich Barker

VP, Operations

Jeff headshot_edited.jpg
Jeff Bland

Project Manager

Adam Rose

Manufacturing Engineer

BSO Sidney0024.jpg
Chuck Warner

General Manager, Sidney

John Cromika

General Manager, Lexington

BSO Sidney0016.jpg
Josh Price

Project Manager

Matt Hughes

Operations Manager

Jordan Fried

Manufacturing Engineer

Susan Dearinger

Office Manager

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