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JR Buck Industries & HB Products

The power of collaborative engineered & manufactured solutions.

Whether you need a short run for a single customized component or a long run for a mass production, Valence Industrial will get you to the solution. 


With fully custom engineered (or reverse engineered) solutions, we can provide a complete bill of materials & design specs.


Manufacturing secrets, prototyping tips, and case studies from our expert engineers & operations managers. 

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We are precise.

Our engineers will check and check – and check again – to make sure the final specs are fully developed before production begins. That means an improved high-tolerance product, designed to meet real-world needs.

We are local.

79,000sf of fabrication and custom manufacturing space in our Sidney, Ohio & Lexington, Kentucky locations.


96% On-time delivery with proximity to I-64, I-75, I-65, I-71 and factories in Sidney, OH & Lexington, KY. (1)

10% Debt to asset ratio. With the ability to finance materials to scale up quickly. (2)

1 Lexington, 1/2017-1/2020.   2 Lexington & Kentucky locations, as of 8/27/2020.

We are expert collaborators. 

With an average employee tenure of 5 1/2 years, our people have likely designed or put their hands on something similar before. (1)

1 Across Lexington & Sidney factories. As of 8/27/2020.



Medical Devices 


Specialty manufacturing 


Oil & gas 



Commercial and residential pumps 

Temperature-sensitive products 


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