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Why we come to work in the morning

Flawless precision is our approach to process. To how we build and maintain relationships. And to why we cross-train our employees in our custom manufacturing environment.

michigan manufacturer

At Valence, we have an obsession with detail.  We are intelligent manufacturers who want to know every nuance of how the final piece will work


— and who are dedicated and ready to provide the technical guidance through every step in between.

We investigate the idea.

Get our hands on the design. 


Go-and-see how it will function.


It’s methodical manufacturing that’s meticulous and efficient so the end result is innovative and flawless.

dayton welder

And it’s why we come to work every morning.

  • Talented people who love working in the fast-pace & collaborative, small business environment 

  • Competitive salary 

  • Health benefits

  • 401(K) & matching contributions 

  • Paid time off 

What are the benefits of working at Valence Industries?

Interested in working with us? 

If you are a qualified craftsman, a high-intensity salesperson or great in the office, we want you to join our team. We're always looking for talented people.

Job Openings
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