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Auto OEM: Robotic Support Frame & Safety Fence
  • Auto OEM: Robotic Support Frame & Safety Fence

    Robotic Support Frame & Safety Fence

    A custom design support frame for robotic cell; along with  safety fence to safeguard colleagues from entering robotic cell.



    100% On time & within budget 

    Complexly designed piece for vendor of tier one automotive OEM



    • THE "ASK"

      Pearl & Okaya, a design engineering firm out of Japan that supports tier one OEMs in the midwest region,  needed two pedestals for bench grinders. Specifically, they were building robotic cells and needed a big frame to support the robot heads as part of the door assembly process. ​

      Separately, Pearl & Okaya needed to keep people away from the robotic cell. They asked that we produce several different styles and shapes of safety guards, with visibility to see the robotic cell beyond it. While the fence was basic, we needed to do several variations for a winding floor plan with different openings around the robotic cell.


      A custom designed support frame for a robotic cell and a safety fence to safeguard colleagues from entering the robotic cell.


      We went deeper with spec reviews ahead of time to reduce rework mid-project


      • Short-Run
    • STEPS

      1. Confirm Scope
      2. "Go & See" Daily Application 
      3. 3D Model
      4. Confirm Design
      5. Manufacture Prints
      6. Saw Cut
      7. Notch
      8. Machine
      9. Plasma Burn
      10. Weld
      11. Assemble

      "We greatly value our relationship, the company and appreciate how they always apply their expertise and experience to our projects regardless of how big or small. They are a trusted partner and we appreciate the input, feedback and recommendations they provide for our fabrication needs."

      Sales Engineering Mgr.
      Pearl & Okaya

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