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Collaborative Design

Are you an innovative engineer focused on cutting costs or trying to create improved value?

We’ll collaborate with you along the way in the way you most need it.


Whether that is improving on your ideas with a 3D design or finding the right mix of processes to get to your end product faster and with improved manufacturability. 



Get tips from the top manufacturing

engineers in the industry.


Getting Started

Let's work together to get you the product you need.  Whether you give us your design as a finished document or a sketch on a napkin, we are here to partner with you and create exactly what you need.

Anything Is Possible

Countless possibilities with Valence manufacturing designers
on your design team.

From drawing on a napkin to a fully completed drawing, we are here to partner with you to bring you the best in manufacturing design and production.

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Our Process

Providing you a better end product through collaboration, creativity & speed

Getting the specs & scope right

When an intricate shell that an RV was built around needed to be built, the prints didn’t have any measurements other than overall length, width and height. We formulated internal measurements and angle components within the structure holding up the skeleton.


These measurements made the difference between customers coming back with warranty claims.

Airstream Fixtures (four types) 001.JPG

Improving manufacturability

When a piece isn’t designed for the machine process properly, it has to be redesigned mid-process.


A good manufacturing engineer will go back to a customer and proactively ask for changes to the design rather than taking it through the process, with multiple iterations and extra time.


It’s the difference between proactive, quick turnarounds and your vendors asking for more time, without giving you the real reason.

Eliminating unnecessary processes & costs

Whenever we look at a part print, we can tell be the way it is designed if the designer has heavy real-life manufacturing experience.

Read five questions to ask yourself and tips for avoiding additional cost. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 4.31.18 AM.png

Asking the right questions

We worked with a top 3 medical device manufacturer to create a working hospital bed unit. 

By reengineering the shape and manufacturing process of the hospital bed unit, we were able to allow for a working device and reduce inefficiencies.

Best Practices
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