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Metal Box / Electrical Enclosure
  • Metal Box / Electrical Enclosure

    Repeat orders over 4 years

    Electrical box enclosure 



    • THE "ASK"

      An electrical distributor requested 2500 MCC (motor controlled center) cabinets, which includes electrical drive units to distribute to customers.


      Power distribution systems used in large commercial and industrial applications can be complex. Power may be distributed through switchgears, switchboards and panelboards. In many commercial and industrial applications, quite a few electric motors are required, and it is often desirable to control some or all of the motors from a central location. The apparatus designed for this function is the MCC.


      One of our benefits is that we can cut the 11-12 gauge material with our 8000W laser. This unit required a gasket foam material to seal the unit as well so no dust could enter the unit. 


      Overall, this wasn't a complex design to build. It is about the details at the onset to ensure we're reducing cost, and understanding the use case; along with customer service to reduce time for the customer.


      Unlike a production line we can do built to order, which allows for unique requirements. Examples can range from power diconnect cut outs on left and/or right side, push button controls in the door,  to the ability to disconnect the power switch on left and/or the right side, etc. These matter in the new construction and unique requirements of existing building structures. 


      We understand how the electrical box will be used first, and design around it for maximum usability.


      • Short-Run
    • STEPS

      1. Confirm Scope
      2. 3D Model
      3. Confirm Design
      4. Manufacture Prints
      5. Laser
      6. Form
      7. Weld
      8. Powder coat
      9. Gasket material applied
      10. Assembly



      "As a large electrical distributor we deal with quite a few big name vendors. We have been dealing with Valence for several years now and I only wish that many of our suppliers put the effort into making sure their customers were as happy as Valence does. They have bent over backwards to make sure our customers are satisfied and in my eyes, and the customers, gone above and beyond to make this happen. I wish others would take notice and practice some of the business model. If they say they will do something I never worry about it not being done. Very satisfied and look forward to continued business."

      - Caesar, Account Manager

      Electric Supply & Equipment Co.

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