How to avoid costly manufacturing missteps.

Have an obsession with detail when it comes to high tolerance metal manufacturing. Understand how the final piece will work. Produce an innovative and flawless end result.






The Concept + Scope

Identify potential problems.


The Design

Understand the purpose of the product.


Bill of Materials

Make sure you have what you need.


The Prototype

Prevent design mistakes. 



Production + Delivery

Consider the requirements.

Ready to avoid costly manufacturing missteps?

Ask the right questions. Make sure you are problem solving upfront instead of confronting problems midway through.

Download the eBook for a full list of questions you should be asking before you begin the manufacturing process.

1 Industrial MegaProjects 

7 common manufacturing design mistakes — and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1:

Not engineering for the basics first. Making sure to engineer a product based on requirements rather than nice-to-haves. 


Designing a 2000 lb. rack when the end product really only requires 100 lbs. Requiring 1/2-inch steel when 3/16-inch steel would work. 

Learn 6 other mistakes (and solutions) when you download the eBook.

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