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The Valence Quality Lab

Our standards are higher.
Our people are better.
We invest.

And it shows...

Our Standards are Higher

Our Standards are higher.

ISO 9001 


Proud to be awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS within the Lexington location. Sidney location targeting system certification in 2025.


We invested in an outside consultant to ensure we received every opportunity for broader knowledge to be brought into our quality system along the way.


Investing in experts is key to improvement. 

Our People are Better

Producing quality weldments  & machining using industry wide standards

AWS D1.1 – Structural Welding Code

 CMM equipment (that measures up to 6-1/2ft x 3.9ft x 3.2ft) to continue to refine our fabrication & precision machining control.

20210916_174134 (3).jpg
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 10.20.29 AM.png

In process quality checks 

Check-points - At the contract review stage to ensure we've fully outlined your expectations, by the machine operator & by our quality expert


Our people are better.

Each welder is trained and tested on the process within 90 days of hire. It includes gas shielding, and appearance of the welding process.


We invest.

We've invested in the latest technology of welding and calibration equipment to reduce the nonconformance rate in every department.

We Invest
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