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The Valence
Quality Lab

Our standards are higher.

Our people are better.

We invest.

And it shows...

Our Standards are Higher

Our Standards are higher.

ISO 9001 accreditation targeted by Spring 2023

We invested in an outside consultant to ensure we received every opportunity for broader knowledge to be brought into our quality system. 

Our People are Better

Producing quality weldments using industry wide standards

AWS D1.1 – Structural Welding Code

20210916_174134 (3).jpg

Valence developed a library of welding requirements

Our Certified Weld Inspector has created a library of all of our welding procedure specifications. Using our programmable welding equipment, the operations manager can program the welding requirement for the project to reduce lead time and variations between units.


Procedural qualification records

Each documented procedure will be quality tested in accordance with AWS standards. It applies to carbon, low alloy steel, and aluminum. Any additional testing will be identified during the quoting process.

  • Visual inspection

  • Stress relief

  • Special customer instructions

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 10.20.29 AM.png

In process quality checks 

At the contract review stage, by the machine operator & by our quality expert


Our people are better.

All welders are required to be certified by our AWS Certified Weld Inspector


Our AWS Certified Weld Inspector has developed & fine-tuned for our specialty   a Valence documented testing process, one step further beyond the AWS requirements.


Each welder is trained and tested on the process within 90 days of hire. It includes gas shieldin, and appearance of the welding process.


We invest.

We've invested in the latest technology of welding and calibration equipment to reduce stop before they happen.

VIDEO of Mark explaining how our welders are better

We Invest
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